Ace Chicken was first concieved back in 1994, and since has gone through a great many changes.
Joe Medeiros created the original version of Ace as something fun for his, at the time,  young children. Stories developed and the universe grew as time passed. At this time though Ace wasn't even a chicken, in the early years Ace spead through the galaxy as a duck. It wasn't until 2012 that Ace got a make-over. Joe teamed up with Jay Pillarella at Rubber Chicken Comics, and as ideas were being thrown around for a new logo, Ace's duck bill was replaced with a chicken beak as well as a modification to his color pallet. 

Ace has since been used in advertising, he had a short run as a web strip, and he also has a comic book #1 that was released in 2014. There is unfortunately, at this point in time, any word when #2 will be out, but keep your fingers crossed.

There are murmurs spreading throughout the galaxy...
​That's right Ace fans, there are murmurs that a NEW Ace Chicken book is in the works. Pictures have been popping up on the Ace Chicken Facebook Page and this wicked cool cover has been released. A time table has not been set, but it is coming people. Rejoice as your favorite comic hero returns!!!